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December 7, 2021

Stockholm, Sweden                                                         

Last day of application: August 23.

Compulsory works:

·       W.A.Mozart: Flute Concerto in G-major, 1st and 2nd movement without cadenza

·       Henri Dutilleux, Sonatine

·       Ensemble work. Music will be presented later on together with the invitation to the audition in Stockholm.

·       Orchestral excerpts (a PDF attached to the application form)


The first round will be held in digital form and to qualify for the 2nd and 3rd rounds, candidates are asked to upload an audio+video mp4 recording with the application, containing:

Mozart Flute Concerto, G Major (KV 313), 1st movement from beginning to bar 149 without cadenza

2nd movement from beginning to bar 27 without cadenza

Orchestra excerpt no. 11, Brahms Symphony no. 4

Orchestra excerpt no.  7, Saint-Saens, Volière from Le Carneval des Animaux 

The music is to be performed in this order in one continuous, unedited recording.  Application can't be submitted without this recording.

The 2nd and 3rd rounds will take place in Berwaldhallen, Stockholm, December 7.

Click here for music

The employment

We offer a full-time permanent contract including obligation to play tutti.

Further details can be obtained from Gunnar Eklund, Orchestra Coordinator 

Union enquiries should be addressed to union representatives:
Kristina Lignell (SYMF) 
Olle Markström (SMF) 

Berwaldhallen is part of the Swedish Radio and thereby shares the same common values: independency, reliability, openness and innovativeness. Berwaldhallen is the home of the world's leading ensembles - the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Swedish Radio Choir. Through concerts and tours all over the world as well as recordings we have become important ambassadors for Swedish music and culture both nationally and internationally. Our ensembles attract the foremost conductors and soloists, such as our current internationally well-established Chief Conductors Daniel Harding and Kaspar Putnins.

 As one of us, whether you are a musician or work in an administrative function you will be involved in promoting the highest possible artistic quality, with a passion for the new and love of the classical.

An interest in contemporary music is clearly reflected in the repertoire. Swedish composers are regularly commissioned, and the maintenance and promotion of the Swedish orchestra repertoire is an important goal of the program planning. We also collaborate with Swedish pop stars and give concerts for children in an aim to broaden the audience base. The orchestra is a continuous nave in the well-established Baltic Sea Festival.

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