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Are you a bilingual journalist looking for new opportunities?

As a reporter at Ekot Radio Sweden you get to work at Sweden’s most multi-cultural and multi-lingual newsroom, working for an audience new to Sweden and to Swedish news. We strive to report on Sweden in a way that is easy to understand and that gives context and background, as well as finding stories important to our audience.  As we are also part of Sveriges Radio Ekot, you have access to one of Sweden’s leading news departments and some of the best journalists in Sweden. Dialogue with our audience is an important part of our mission, and you will be an important part of a company dedicated to democratic ideals, freedom of speech and the equal rights of all.

Ekot Radio Sweden is looking for English-speaking journalists for temporary short-term contracts, such as holiday or sick leave cover.

Ekot Radio Sweden publishes and produces news about Sweden in Arabic, English, Farsi/Dari, Kurdish, Somali, and beginners’ Swedish for our target audience living in Sweden, many of whom are new to the country. We publish our news online and on social media, where contact with the audience is one of our priorities. Some of the news reports we publish in our various languages are then also published in Swedish, for broadcast in Ekot’s programmes and platforms.

Working at Radio Sweden you will report on the big news stories in Sweden to an English-speaking audience, as well as reporting on the issues important specifically to our target audience, who come from many different countries around the globe. You will update our homepage, as well as record radio stories full of sound and voices, and produce content for social media. You will co-operate closely with the rest of the English team and the other language groups to produce news that is easily understandable, interesting and follows the ethos of Public Service broadcasting.


Are you a journalist with perfect English, great Swedish, and a nose for Swedish news?

As a person you should be interested in Swedish society and current affairs and follow Swedish news closely. You should be able to adapt to changing circumstances and be able to work both in a team and independently. Excellent English language skills are vital in this role, in addition you should have good Swedish skills and be able to easily follow the Swedish media or do interviews in Swedish.

Main tasks
• News reporter and social media editor
• Publishing radio spots and text on our homepage and on social media

Background and qualifications
• You must have perfect written and spoken English, at native language level
• You must have excellent knowledge of the Swedish language, and of Swedish society
• You must have experience of working as a journalist in English
• You should have professional experience of publishing on social media
• You must have good writing skills
• You must have good IT-knowledge and be able to work on different computer systems

Temporary and cover staff for both shorter and longer periods. You must be based in the Stockholm area as we often offer one-day contracts with short notice.

Please register your application by 21st June 2019 at the very latest. Please file your application in English. Please do not send us a show reel at this stage.

For questions about the job: kris.boswell@sr.se For questions about the recruitment process: riikka.heinola@sr.se For questions to the labour unions: Erland von Heijne (Unionen) and Pablo Dalence (SJF) can be reached by calling the Sveriges Radio switchboard 08-784 00 00, and SACO can be reached by mailing saco@sverigesradio.se






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